The Citizens Choice..

Bangor 1876
Bangor City

 Why two clubs? Why two websites?

  If you have stumbled across this website and wondered why there are two options, Bangor City supporters started their own club,  Bangor 1876, because they had become disillusioned with how the club was being run.
  My response, possibly a temporary one, is to cover both clubs in terms of results and reports. I could have opted to cover one club and not the other, and gave a lot of thought to closing the site down. Nothing is set in stone.
  A recent online poll of around 600 Bangor supporters suggested around 80% (around 480+) would watch Bangor 1876.
  Of the remainder around 11% (65) would watch both and the remaining 9% (55) Bangor City.
  So allowing for counting some people twice 1876 would draw around 550 supporters and City around 120.
  Hence my dilemma and this awkward solution. It will take a week or two to get right. Lets see how it goes..