Bangor Heart Broken

  What might have been an ordinary Wednesday in July changed beyond recognition today as news reached hundreds of Bangor supporters and former players of the death of President Gwyn Pierce Owen, better known as GPO.
  A huge amount has been written about the former Llanddona headmaster, the Football League and FIFA referee.  Thankfully all of it good.
  Social media, so often the scourge of modern life, for once a channel for a positive outpouring of grief and in most cases fond memories.
  There is very little I can add to these comments, but I will try.
  I was very fond of GPO and like countless others who journeyed an hour or two to Farrar Road and then Nantporth would enjoy a few moments in his company. Player or supporter, big time or small fry, he would make you welcome.
  Always a warm greeting, a twinkle in his eye, a worry here, a question there.
  And then if you were lucky a fondly remembered tale of long ago, of refereeing or an old Bangor player.
  There are fewer and fewer who remember the likes of Albert Jackson, George McGown, George Morton. Gwyn did and occasionally their names would crop up in one of his tales. Likewise the managers including Alex Smith, Dave Elliott and Nigel Adkins.
  Gwyn started watching Bangor twenty years before I did in 1969. His father he would recall brought him to Farrar Road and, like with so many of us, that was it!
  His love of the club was absolute and he hated losing, although he bore it with good grace.
  Bangor would travel to London or more recently South Wales and Gwyn would enjoy a pre match drink and chat but once the game got underway he would wander off around the pitch and sometimes out of the ground. On one occasion he appeared at the final whistle at Carmarthen and asked me the final score, he coudn't bear to watch!
  In all my years watching Bangor I have befriended fellow supporters, players and managers and am yet to find one without a fond memory of GPO.
  This is as black a day in the history of Bangor City as I can remember.
  Rest in Peace Gwyn, gone but never forgotten.